Friday, June 17, 2011

List of Novel by Ishtiaq Ahmad

Ishtiaq Ahmad (or Ishtiaq Ahmed or اﺸﺘﻴﺎﻖ اﺤﻤﺩ in Urdu), is primarily a fiction writer from Lahore, Pakistan, (originally from Jhang, Pakistan) famous for his spy, detective novels in Urdu language, and is the author of the highest number of novels (his 773 rd novel is published by Atlantis Publications in Apr'2011) by any author in any language throughout the world.

It could be said that Only Ishtiaq Ahmad could walk on the footsteps of Ibn-e-Safi in writing spy and detective novels. Although he did not write Imran Series but his "Inspector Jamshed Series and Showki Brothers Series are as interesting and full of suspense as Imran Series.

Some of his books are mentioned below: 


  1. ishtiaq ahmed one of my favourite writers indeed.used to read as a child,still love to read his books as a grown up.

  2. Its been more then 15years I am a reader of Ishtiaq sir novels, now I am a father of 2 children alhumdulilah, wanted my sons to spend their time reading his novels instead of spending time elsewhere.
    Sir Ishtiaq Ahmad is and would always be my inspiration and his characters will live forever.
    Thankyou Sir
    Furqan Naeem
    Sydney (Australia)

  3. Ishtiaq Ahmed sahab was one of the best things that happened to my childhood; his novels were not only entertaining, but also educational and pushed the boundaries of fiction into a world where anything was possible...that gave me hope that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I thank you sir and may God Bless you with a place in heaven for all the work you have done for our country and it's youth.

    My Bestest Regards to Ishtiaq Ahmed Sahab and his family.

    Adnan Sayani
    Vancouver (Canada)

  4. I grew up with Mahmood, Farooq, Farzana and the Kamran Mirza's family. I still remember those warm summar afternoons when I used to look around the house for spare change to make my Rs 5.50 so that I could rush to the corner bookshop to get the new novel I was long waiting definitely stretched the boundaries of imagination for me and made me live with my favourite characters durng my childhood.

  5. zabardast novels

  6. I like ishtiyaq sir novels very much

  7. Ishtiaq ahmed is the 1st writer i like very much.His Inspector Jamshed Series is very good.I like to read his all novels.I love Ishtiaq Ahmed very much and his novels are top class.

  8. Please try to add more novels. Why not a complete list

  9. Ishtiaq Ahmed was a graet writer of his period and a particular children's age.

  10. Just read Ighwa ki Malika. It was sad to see the bias and hatred of Wahhabi Ishtiaq ahmed towards our neighbor country Iran mentioned as Bazintan. Authors should refrain from such inclination if they want to retain their repute. Don't forget Ishtiaq you'll die some day and will have to answer for such misdeeds before the Almighty Allah. There is still time to repent for your sins and come to the right path.


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